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The Long drive home..

17 Jan

So I know I’ve been out for a few weeks, months maybe, but a lot has happened between my last post and now. the dilemma I face is whether to wrap it all up into one long blog of dish out the stories in bits and pieces. You’ll discover what option I vied for (or not) by the end of this blog.

First of all, 2012 was an awesome year, I was living like a well paid bachelor, so what better way to end the year than with your loved ones.Me and my two other brother In Capetown decided to drive down to Swaziland for the holidays as opposed to flying. A lot of things were happening right about the same time I was to leave for Swaziland, I had to move out of my old apartment, and keep my belonging at a friends, finish up a church project and get ready for my 1900 km road trip to swaziland. This meant that up until 2am the night before we hit the road, we were cleaning up the apartment and packing up all my other belongings in the house. this was necessary in order to get my full security deposit back. 

I was doing so well, church project was successful, car was serviced in preparation for the trip, moved all my belonging to my friends place the night before, and we were set to hit the road by 5 am the next morning. We woke up on time, and I just checked the water level in the car before we on the road to Swaziland. Good conversations ensued and all was in order, going 150 km into the trip whenl I noticed the temperature indicator on the dash board had my engine overheating. Only then did it occur to me that I needed to put the radiator cap back on after checking the water level, this was a necessary procedure. By the time I had this epiphany of course, it was a tad bit too late, radiator water had splashed all over the engine, and all that was coming out was white hot steam. “insert expletives right about here” repeat these expletives for about 2 mins.

I’m not one to stereotype, but the last thing I want is to be stranded on a South African highway, I’ve heard way to many stories of possible repercussions of such. long story short, my engine gasket was warped (not cracked) thankfully, and it could be fixed within a couple of days… “insert expletives” Couple of What?? in frikin Afrikaner county or dorpie as its Imagecalled here. I didn’t have much of a choice, so we starred calling up B&B’s to find a place to rest for the night, even walked up to the doors of some seemingly empty B&B’s only to be told they were fully booked or the “the boss was on vacation”. needless to say it was 3 black brother looking to spend the night in B&B’s in an Afrikaner dorpie. lets just say South Africa still has ways to go as far as racial discrimination is concerned.

come 6 pm the three of us, three fully grown men, got comfy inside my car to spend the night, in frikin Afrikaner county, I slept with one eye open ready to make a run for it should some crazy people decide I would make for good ritual sacrifice, yes! I get paranoid sometimes. Needless to say, that didn’t quite happen and I wasn’t sacrificed, two days in some lonely town where the city library was the size of my bedroom, but with a church bigger than the biggest church in Milwaukee (these are the type of life occurrences that baffle me the most).

We hit the road again three days into the road trip and well, and lots of $$$ later, got Swaziland in good shape.

Moral of the story? stay away from car engines Tosin! Don’t even check the daggin water level!!