About me..

28 Aug

I’m doing my PhD in Economics, looking at Institutions (rule of law, regulations and civil liberties) and how these affect the economy. however I’m into a lot of other things apart from my research, this blog is all about the rest. so a bunch of random but hopefully interesting topics will be dealt with on here :)   enjoy!!!



27 Aug

I believe it’s essential I give a disclaimer before I make my opinions known on any issues, by this my opinions however objective/biased they may be, can be viewed and understood from the “right” perspective. Four major points to cover in this disclaimer and they basically wrap up who I am, what I do, what I care about, and where I’m kinda headed in a nutshell. Bear in mind that I’m not trying to give any sort of unsolicited biography of myself, rather I’m trying to give (as best as I can) a description of my personal environ which will help my readers understand to some extent how my views and opinions on the many issues I’ll be blogging on are arrived at.

to the point…


Yes, I’m a religious individual, of the christian protestant sect. and that’s about it, I do truly believe what I believe.. and that is… there’s more to this life than my own personal interest, there’s more to this life than the time I spend on this earth, I cannot by any means put in enough labor hours to save my soul and thus I’m in desperate need of Grace and Mercy, and some Saviour to help me out with this.. I did a little bit of research, and came to the conclusion that the only Legitimate saviour that exists is the Jesus, so I’m on his side.. and hence I am a Christian….


Yes and Yes, I’m an Economist or trying to be an economist… I’m pursuing my PhD in Economics at a university on the Western Cape of the Southernmost part of Africa… University of Cape Town. Thus i’m being bred to have an opinion on many of the economic issues that trouble this world you live in. Why do I mention this, well, if there’s one thing economists are known for, they Assume, and hence I’ll make assumptions, and you cannot fault me on my assumptions because… I am an Economist… and in essence any misjudgments I make, are already catered for by the same reason(excuse) that economists have used over the past centuries (well, the assumption wasn’t very correct)


Triple Yes!!! I’m a big sports fan, I breathe, eat, sleep Sports, sometimes I think I’m in the wrong field of study… given the crazy love I have for sports, but then again 50% of men out there are just as crazy about sports as I am, and hence can’t use sports as my excuse for laziness. Soccer and Basketball are my favorite sports, 

thus I follow the best football league in the world, also known as the English Premier league, and in case you were wondering I’m a Gooner, and for those who have no clue what that means, it means I support the English Premiere League team callled Arsenal!!  (some people say that Gooner men are the most committed of men, mainly because my dear team has not won a single trophy for the past 7 seasons (I say cubs fans would make the most committed fans in the world, given their 100yr trophy drought and unwavering support). I also watch the NBA, and I do have vested interests in the Chicago Bulls, and the Lakers… I didn’t really chose to support these teams, its just a love thing that happened…. enough on sports, there will be enough ranting on here over the next couple of months… (given the current state of Arsenal)

World Citizen

I consider myself a citizen of the world, and in some ways a stranger, I’m still on a quest to find the country where I’m completely at peace with my surrounding, maybe such a country does not exist, maybe I have to find inner peace (master Shifu voice) and then I will be able find some peaceful satisfaction wherever I’m at, whatever it maybe, I haven’t arrive at that place yet, and thus the search continues. I’ve lived in 7 different countries, and I’ve had a love-hate relationship with each and every one of them, thus i still seek that country that will result in a love-love relation… me being a optimistic-skeptic (objective individual), I love the diversity that makes this world a colorful place. My different experiences in these different place will hopefully come out as this blog thrives.

there you go, I’ve already spent more time than I had allocated typing out this blog… back to the research…

Peace and Love


Hello world!

29 Apr

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