The Bargain Champion

13 Sep

I’m no professional photographer of any sorts, and I’ve only managed to make use of half the capabilities of my Nikon D3000 DSLR, the undeniable truth is, I love (a little more than some, and a tad bit less than others) photography and some of the quarks that come with it. The purchase of my Nikon was a winner (among my circle of friends) as far as bargains/steals are concerned, I got it from a friend visiting from Canada (yes!! the country does exist) for about a third of the price .. R1200 instead of R4000. and at that moment in time, I laid claim to the throne of bargain hunters, and became the bargain champion (in my own world)

Anywho, I joined a photography club in Capetown that sends out newsletters on accessories deals in the area, and I usually forward these  to my brother, who is also a lover of photography (bigger lover than I am). Today, after receiving the Newsletter email from me, he said “Tosin I have a big Confession to made, this is a real big confession, .. *awkward silence* ….I’m selling my DSLR”. WOW!! I didn’t see that coming, I expected him to confess about being the one who stole my cookie about 10years ago or something, you know something really dramatic like that. This came as a massive surprise, because it was through him I developed my love photography as well, and this was like Batman telling Robin he’s really not into the Imagewhole vigilante thing anymore. He then went on say “I just got me a new camera, the Sony alpha a77”. I screamed in silence, since I was in the office and couldn’t scream loudly, my office mate heard me anyways… I know !!! right??, I’m pretty sure most people are like ooookay, but really, let me put this in perspective, its like a 7 series BMW in the world of cars, a Macbook pro in the world of computers, BOSE Speakers in the world of sound, Table Mountain in the world of nature.. ahem *clears throat*, you get the drift.  So this was like a big deal, and the best part of the whole thing was he got the camera for less than a third of the market price. This is comparable to buying macbook pro for $250 or buying gas at a $1/gallon or buying a loaf of bread in CapeTown for R2. It ridiiculous!! and I was mad!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic for my brothers “steal” but that could only mean one thing, I’m not longer “the bargain champion”. Well as you may have guessed, I’ve been all over the worldwide web looking for a bargain that will trump my brother’s “steal”, my dissertation is on hold for now, I shall come back to resume research, but first I must the ultimate bargain, and reclaim my throne

Until then, Congratulations big brother, you are the bargain champion.



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